OKVIP Charity Fund | Community Humanistic Values

The OKVIP charity fund has brought many meaningful support activities to the community in recent times. Journeys of love and sharing difficulties have been built and developed by the alliance over a long period of time, bringing many practical benefits to the people. This has become the business philosophy and noble mission of the corporation towards the community.

The purpose of creating OKVIP is charity

Not only growing in business, OKVIP Group is also known for many beautiful moral qualities in the community. In order to build a strong Vietnam, OKVIP charity was born with the desire to contribute constructively to the country’s development.

OKVIP charity fund activities

Community events are organized by charity OKVIP

OKVIP’s healthy leaves to protect torn leaves programs not only target difficult families in the community but also set a loftier goal of building a more sustainable Vietnam. And these activities are divided into groups:

Support unfortunate lives

Because it is considered a developing country, Vietnam is considered difficult and needs a lot of resources from domestic and foreign philanthropists. The major campaigns of the charity OKVIP come from providing Necessary goods, services and resources for those in need. These include: providing food, clothing, and clothing to the homeless, providing financial support to many disadvantaged families in the community,…

Source: https://okvipgroup.online/okvip-tu-thien/

Promote education

To make Vietnam more and more strong and prosperous, OKVIP charity always pays attention to issues that shape the ideology of Vietnamese youth. With special attention, the group has established a separate charity fund called “Country’s Future” to encourage the spirit of studiousness in the hearts of poor children. Especially children in remote and remote areas.

With large budgets, programs such as guiding children to school, dream bookshelves for children,… have been promoted in recent years. Through these events, OKVIP has linked and coordinated with non-profit organizations to bring a lot of love and practical gifts. Small contributions include clothes, books and especially investment funds to support children in going to school.

Promote future learning


Don’t just bring candleshe Hoping for unfortunate lives and poor children, the group also expanded its scale and helped disadvantaged families and villages in mountainous provinces. These events take place every year on major holidays, bringing excitement and joy to households. Small gifts exchanged with love have brought excitement to the community of people in the villages, creating great motivation for them to rise out of poverty.

Good impacts to the community

OKVIP Group’s campaigns and community activities always ensure quality and are of great significance to the country and community. We always seek to discover truly difficult situations to give loving gifts. With that sincere heart, the charity OKVIP group has traveled to remote lands in Vietnam to spread this love.

These campaigns have brought positive signals and been highly appreciated by the community. Through volunteer programs, the wave of love has been strongly spread, creating a loving, positive environment and a friendly, beautiful Vietnam in the eyes of international friends.

Goals, future orientation

Orientation for a sustainable future

Developing to become a brand that reaches today is indispensable without long-term shaping strategies. With its rapid rise through a clear vision, combined with a noble mission to bring to the community, OKVIP charity is doing well in all aspects of social contribution, bringing peace to the community. .

In the next 10 years, OKVIP Group has the aspiration to become a globalized brand, expanding widely to regions other than Asia. Therefore, the whole team has set the goal of working hard, being creative and innovative in serving customers in a more professional way. In addition, deducting 5% of the group’s revenue brings positive innovations and makes great contributions to the community.


With the extremely practical activities of the OKVIP charity fund, a strong Vietnam is being formed day by day. People’s lives will be more prosperous, the spirit of love and care will spread strongly in the community, creating a prosperous development environment for the country.